Jesser Aniba


I was born and raised in Tunisia and am currently in my final year as an undergraduate student at the University of Manouba, where I am majoring in Geopolitics and International Relations. Concurrently, I am engaged in academic exploration within the realm of Discourse Analysis in a different department at the same institution. My academic journey has led me to the field of Discourse Studies, with a particular focus on delving into the intricate world of Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA). Through this journey, I have developed a profound interest in dynamic areas such as Populism, Critical Geopolitics, and poststructuralism & International Relations (IR) in general. At present, my research efforts are equally divided between the interplay of Populism and International Relations and the comprehensive study of Populist Foreign Policy (PFP).

As I approach the culmination of my undergraduate studies, my upcoming bachelor’s thesis, scheduled for completion within the year, will scrutinize the realm of Tunisian Populist Foreign Policy following the 2019 Presidential and Parliamentary Elections in Tunisia. For this research endeavor, I intend to adopt the Lacalaunian approach to populism as my chosen theoretical framework.

Beyond my academic pursuits, I have a deep passion for cinema. Additionally, my favorite hobby is paper-crafting, a creative outlet that allows me to express my artistic side.