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This is happening on Thursday at 7pm CEST! During this @populismstudies seminar, @EmekaTN and @SaskiaBrech will discuss how counterterrorism measures are shaping the spaces and actors of civil society organisations in Nigeria. Registration required.

Interested in understanding populism and its link to nationalism, democracy, religion, media, technology, environment, gender, extremism? Submit your applications before 20 June to attend unique lectures by a great lineup of speakers! Further information:

Omer Sener & Mustafa Demir argue in this commentary that by emphasizing trickster aspects of Odin & Loki, and giving Eivor similar trickster qualities as the main character in Assassin's Creed Valhalla, Ubisoft popularizes anti-fascist neo-paganism.

"The Five Star Movement (M5S) is one of those populist parties that is often misunderstood. Media as well as well-known academics and commentators have struggled to define this 'strange political creature'." See M5S's profile written by @varriale_amedeo

New interview! @takisspappas on the characteristics of #populism, the role of the charismatic leader, and connections with #illiberalism

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Photo: Matej Kastelic

ECPS Academy Civic Leadership Program (July 5-9, 2021)

Understanding and Responding to Global Challenges in an Age of Populism Overview  A new wave of populist politics defined by anti-establishment, nationalist and anti-minority agendas is gaining power around the world. Understanding the drivers and the impact of populist politics on democracy is key to tackling the most critical challenges...