Katharina Diebold


Katharina Diebold, a Liberal Arts & Sciences (BSc) student at Erasmus University College, was born and raised in Vienna, Austria. She developed a keen interest in politics and music from a young age and began her political activism at the age of fourteen within a youth party in Vienna. Katharina actively participates in demonstrations, sit-ins, protests, and various political actions. She stands out as the Chair of the Sustainability Committee at Erasmus University College.

Recognized for her outstanding contributions, Katharina was honored as the Student of the Year in May 2022. Her project addressing homelessness earned the title of Best Social Project in June 2021, as recognized by Vienna Business School. Her areas of interest span human rights, climate justice, the European Union, decolonization, and feminism. Beyond her political commitments, Katharina showcases her artistic side as a talented singer and songwriter, recently releasing her self-composed music album.

Latest by Katharina Diebold

“The Nexus between Activism and Populism Amid Global Protests and Digital Media.” Voice of Youth. March 9, 2024.

“Connection Between Populism and Identity Politics in the European Union Before the 2024 European Parliament Elections.” Voice of Youth. February 6, 2024.