Commentary Submissions

ECPS publishes commentaries, in English, written by experts and authors from around the world who are working on issues related to populism. The submissions must be original, timely, and offer evidence-based analysis of current affairs that intersect with populism.

You can submit articles to ECPS through the form below. Unfortunately, we can’t accept every submission we receive. We aim to make an initial response within a week. If we are considering your article/pitch for publication, it will be assessed by our editors on its merits: does it offer a clear and coherent analysis of the issue you are addressing?

If you are submitting a full article, we will publish it once it is accepted. If you are submitting a pitch, we will contact you before publishing it. Once your article is accepted for publication, it will be edited to ensure that it meets our style requirements and is clear and accessible to a general audience.

All contributors will be able to provide a short bio offering information about their affiliation, research, and expertise. This bio will appear at the end of their published article(s).

Please check the conditions below before you decide to submit.


How to Pitch an Idea

If your proposed piece fits with our submission guidelines, please submit your one- or two-paragraph pitch that briefly explains what your story is or what you are arguing. What points, examples or research findings will you use to support your idea? Tell us – briefly – the main points of the article and why it is important for our readers to know about these issues.

Decisions about pitches are made by editors who are experts in various areas.

How to Make a Submission

  • Please keep the length of articles between 1000-1500 words. You can submit your post as a Word file.
  • Please do not submit articles which are simultaneously sent to several publications. We do not publish articles that have been published before on the web or in print.
  • Please check previous contributions written on the topic you are analyzing; ensure your article complements and moves the debate in a new direction rather than duplicates it.
  • Please make sure that the facts or statistics you mention are supported by research or data and include a primary reference in the form of a hyperlink. You can also use footnotes to provide context and explanation for your article.
  • Please avoid using region-specific references, names, or acronyms without providing an explanation for a global audience.
  • Please do not use a preachy or aggressive tone in your article; we aim to inform people, not convince them of anything or tell them what to think.
  • Please provide a biography and a .jpg image of yourself if you have not previously written for ECPS. We do not share email addresses or other contact details of the authors we publish. When a request is made for an author’s contact info, we forward the request to the author.
  • Please click on the submit link below to send us your article.


For all the material published on the commentaries section of ECPS, copyright remains with ECPS. ECPS assumes the right to syndicate articles we publish on the condition that all generated revenue is shared equally between ECPS and the author. If writers are approached by a publication or a website wishing to reproduce their work, we request that writers contact us so we can negotiate fees and handle administration.