Research Program on Environment and Climate Change (ECC)

The aim of the ECPS’ Research Program on the Environment and Climate Change (ECC) is to examine how the rise of authoritarian leaders and their populist political rhetoric frames environmental issues, natural resources, and climate change at the regional, national, and international levels. 

In line with ECPS’ general vision and mission, the ECC research team shares relevant academic and journalistic perspectives on the rhetoric, strategies and policies of governments on environmental issues, natural resources, and climate change. Additional outputs address populism in youth, arts, and activist cultures.

The main research topics of ECC are:

  • Environmental justice
  • Climate change
  • The water crisis
  • Indigenous populations
  • Environmental activism
  • Natural resources
  • Renewable energy
  • Regional disputes/conflicts over shared natural resources
  • Marketization of natural resources and the environment
  • Carbon-drawdown agriculture
  • Land (over)use in the Covid era
  • Eco-purity culture

The research team will disseminate the findings and policy recommendations to stakeholders, including citizens and governments, via brain-storming meetings, conferences, panel discussions, and symposiums.