Populism & Politics (P&P)

Populism and Politics (P&P) is a curated digital platform dedicated to advancing the study and understanding of populism-related phenomena and populist challenges in both historical and contemporary contexts.

P&P prefers broadly focused submissions from the blossoming field of populism studies. Submissions should focus on the intersections of different disciplines, such as law, political sciences, anthropology, sociology, environmental studies, gender studies, and philosophy. Submissions should explore political, philosophical, and legal analyses of the scope and meaning of populism as well as the broader impact of populist discourse on political thinking, political practices, public life, and governance.

Informed by scholarship and research, P&P serves as a platform for an ongoing exchange among leading thinkers from the humanities, law, and social and political sciences. The aim is to disseminate intellectual contributions in an accessible language to a larger social audience beyond academia. P&P asks that submissions avoid overly specialized terminology and methodology in favour of clear, accessible language.

P&P does not adhere to a formal peer-review process, but as a rule, every submission is reviewed by at least two members of the editorial board. Occasionally, manuscripts may be sent to external experts for comments and evaluation. Submissions are evaluated on scholarly quality, relevance, timeliness, novelty, and style. Submissions that do not meet appropriate standards of scholarship will be rejected. P&P aims to reach a decision on most submissions within four to six weeks.

P&P publishes articles online as soon as possible. Our “Online First” policy supports the immediate online publication of all accepted articles as soon as authors have returned corrected/final proofs. Each article will receive an international identification code – the ‘Digital Object Identifier’ (DOI). After publishing Online First, the selected articles will appear in the electronic/print journal, which is published quarterly.

Submission Guidelines

  • Manuscripts should not exceed 6,000 words in length, including footnotes. Footnotes should be kept to a minimum and not used for sub-texts.
  • All footnotes should follow the APA citation system.
  • Manuscripts should be accompanied by an abstract of no more than 100 words with 3-5 keywords, as well as a brief biographical note of no more than 150 words.
  • P&P operates an exclusive submission policy and will not consider manuscripts published or submitted elsewhere.
  • Authors should submit their manuscript to: (mail)
  • Should you have any queries, please contact us at the following e-mail address: ecps@populismstudies.org