Dr. Sengul Celik 

Director, Nonresident Senior Research Fellow

Sengul Celik (Ph.D.) has been working as researcher at the University of Mannheim, Germany and she is an academic staff member at the Chair of Philosophy II since 2019. Celik obtained her Ph.D. from Middle East Technical University (METU) in Ankara with a dissertation on ethics in 2008. She held the chair of Philosophy Department at Fatih University for five years. During the same period, she worked on a research project on contemporary Turkish philosophers. 

In 2013, after she was habilitated, Dr. Celik started to work at Yildiz Technical University, Istanbul. During her time at this university, she received a research grant to study on abortion from intergenerational justice perspective. Celik has given many seminars on women issues/rights and participated in the 56th session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women as an expert. 

Celik’s research interests focus on ethics, contemporary Turkish thinkers, women studies, and human rights. She has published journal articles, proceedings, a book and two edited books.