Financing and Fundraising

ECPS is sponsored by a variety of sources, including members, individual donors, and supporters. Following ECPS’s launch, these individual funders continue to support ECPS’s research, projects, and activities. ECPS is currently working on generating funds from related institutions, multilateral NGOs, and research projects.

ECPS aims to diversify and develop its funding and financial sources by accepting grants. These grants will be used to support ECPS research fellows and their work within specific research programmes, including publications and management of research projects.

ECPS values its independence and integrity, and the obtained funds shall not compromise these values. ECPS declines donations that threaten its commitment to complete independence in setting its research priorities and determining its own research agenda. ECPS rejects funding from sources linked to human rights violations and which negatively impact the environment.

ECPS will inform donors, members, and the general public about our financial standing and how we are using our funding in Annual Reports.