Become an ECPS Member!

ECPS membership gives you privileged access to our events, publications, and network of organizations and experts. Membership also allows you to participate in debates and discussions about contemporary populism and politics. We host regular gatherings of our corporate and institutional members representing academia and civil society. 

By joining ECPS, all members benefit from a wide range of services, including: 

  • Free attendance to all events (except fundraising events) and working groups 
  • Access to state-of-the-art research and critical analysis
  • Networking opportunities with experts and representatives of member organizations
  • Access to expert advice, briefings, and stimulating insights from the discipline of populism studies
  • Invite to annual ECPS summit 
  • Monthly newsletter with updates on research, publications, and periodicals 
  • Corporate and institutional members have opportunity to be announced as partners on the ECPS website.

Membership Types

ECPS membership runs for 12 months from the date of joining. The membership is automatically renewed two months after we send you a reminder about renewing your affiliation with ECPS. If ECPS increases its membership fees, we will inform members three months before the renewal date. 

We offer memberships in four different categories: corporate, institutional, individual, and associate. 

Corporate membership Membership enables access for up to 5 people from your organization.

Institutional membershipECPS offers memberships to diplomatic missions and embassies, EU institutions, non-governmental organizations, universities and colleges, regional public bodies and local government authorities, and foundations. Membership enables access for up to 2 people from one organization.

Individual membershipsIndividuals including academics, experts, politicians, officials, and professionals can join ECPS as members. 

Associate membership: ECPS may also offer associate memberships to individuals in return for their contributions to the institution. Associate members are not charged an annual membership fee and partially benefit from the rights and services available to full members. Moreover, ECPS may offer free memberships to organizations who have limited financial means yet whose contributions are deemed valuable to ECPS and students. 

Become an ECPS Sponsor! 

ECPS receives donations and sponsorships from financial institutions, corporations, firms, and businesspeople. Donations and sponsorships are mainly dedicated to funding research, projects, events, and activities. Our sponsors can also choose to adopt different research programs or publications and fund our researchers through fellowships. These sponsors are also eligible for benefits that are available to members.

Attention: Since ECPS values its independence and integrity, members have no impact on research outcomes, publications, projects, and governance. ECPS declines donations that threaten our commitment to complete independence over our research priorities and determining our own research agenda. 

For more information on memberships, please contact us at