ECPS Gender Equality and Inclusion Plan

Gender equality is one the European Center for Populism Studies’ (ECPS) fundamental values. The ECPS is committed to promoting equal opportunities, rights, and obligations for everyone and seeks to prevent all forms of discrimination, violence, aggression, and harassment.

By integrating socially inclusive programming, the organization seeks to create a work and research environment that actively promotes and protects equal rights and opportunities for all and combats gender discrimination. This gender equality and inclusion plan functions as a guide to action and demonstrates ECPS’s commitment to integrating an inclusive gender-sensitive perspective in all aspects of our research and work. In view of this, we underscore the need to ensure work–life balance, foster equal representation, and mitigate gender-based discrimination.

The ECPS board will be responsible for appointing a committee for gender equality and inclusion. This committee will provide ongoing monitoring and reporting on identified goals and measures. Appointees will be selected annually, and the committee will sit for a term of one year. One selected committee member will act as a focal point to gather and record any claims from employees regarding transgression of the gender equality and inclusion principles established by the organization.


  • To have equal gender representation within all employment categories, research programmes, and on various committees.
  • To develop strategic equality and inclusion principles to improve the gender balance in leadership, decision-making, recruitment, and career progression.
  • To integrate the gender perspective into research, publication, and policy content.
  • To take preventive action against gender-based violence, including sexual harassment.
  • To ensure equal wages, benefits and opportunities for individuals from all gender categories.
  • To collect gender disaggregated data on personnel and monitor perceptions and experiences of employees about discrimination and harassment.
  • To organize awareness-raising training sessions on gender equality, sexual harassment, discrimination, and unconscious bias and monitor progress.
  • To ensure gender-sensitive project management cycles, including gender-sensitive budgeting, data, and coordination mechanisms.
  • To report on the follow-up of implemented measures in the ECPS annual report.