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The international rise of populism (especially populist far-right) coincides with democratic decay and creeping authoritarianism. Together, these trends endanger global peace, security, and stability. ECPS as an independent, nonpartisan, non-profit organization hoping to provide research and analysis into the challenges posed by increasingly populist and authoritarian movements around the World.

ECPS needs your help in our effort to promote open society by adhering to the principles of global values such as rule of law, human rights, pluralism, freedom of speech, gender equality, social and environmental justice, transparency, accountability and liberal democracy. Your help will fund research, social projects, educational seminars on populism, monthly talks, and other activities. Funding from diverse sources enables ECPS to pursue its mission independently.

We welcome donations from businesses, organizations, foundations and individuals. The acceptance of donations does not constitute or imply any endorsement. ECPS preserves the right to refuse donations that impose a research agenda or from entities whose activities might be in conflict with its mission.

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