Chloe Smith

Co-editor / Voice of Youth

Chloe Smith is joining ECPS Youth from (close to) Melbourne, Australia. Chloe attained a Master of Islamic studies earlier this year from Charles Sturt University; her undergraduate degree was a bachelor of counterterrorism, security and intelligence. 

This year, she also participated in the ECPS Civic Youth Leadership Program, and will intern over the summer with the Hedayah Center in Abu Dhabi. Chloe’s research interests include Islamophobia, radicalisation and extremism studies, and populism.

In her free time Chloe loves baking cakes, reading (she runs a couple of book clubs for young readers too), and spending time with family, friends and her dog Otis.

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Islamophobia and the pandemic: How these two salient public issues have invigorated the contemporary Australian far-right September 20, 2021