Chloe Smith

Co-editor / Voice of Youth

Chloe Smith is joining ECPS Youth from Torquay, Australia. She has just started a PhD with Deakin University in Religious Populism studies and will be researching India and Indonesia as case studies.
She has a Master of Islamic Studies and Bachelor of Counterterrorism, Security, and Intelligence. Chloe participated in the ECPS Youth Civil Leadership Program in 2021 and has an ongoing role editing submissions for the ECPS Youth Blog. She also has ongoing work as a research assistant with the Islamophobia Register Australia and a completed internship with the global counter extremism and terrorism organisation Hedayah.

Time off includes as much baking, dog playing and travelling in her van as possible

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Islamophobia and the pandemic: How these two salient public issues have invigorated the contemporary Australian far-right September 20, 2021