Iysha Arun


Iysha Arun is a master’s student of Near and Middle Eastern Studies at SOAS, University of London, with a focus on politics and law. Her undergraduate studies were in International Relations. 

Arun is interested in the intertwining of Islam with the modern and is primarily concerned with politics of the Middle East, integration of Western Muslims, identity, and societal cohesion. Alongside her studies, Arun works as an editorial assistant for the Politics, Religion and Ideology Journal (Taylor & Francis Group) and as a Research Fellow and Project Coordinator with the London-based Dialogue Society. 

Passionate about theories of critical pedagogies and a true believer in education as a transformative means of achieving freedom, Arun is currently researching Ph.D. opportunities. 

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Snowflake Resistance: Protecting the Paris Agreement Against Populism May 11, 2021.