ECPS Special Panel on EP Elections: Where Is Europe Heading?

Date/Time: Tuesday, June 18, 2024 / 15:00-17:00 (CET)



Irina von Wiese (ECPS Honorary President; Affiliate Professor at European Business School, the ESCP, and former MEP).


“European Democracy’s Resilience to Populism‘s Threat,” by Dr. Kurt Weyland (Mike Hogg Professor in Liberal Arts at University of Texas).

“A Far-right Tipping Point? The Impact of the 2024 European Elections in France,” by Dr. Gilles Ivaldi (Senior Researcher in Politics at CEVIPOF and Professor at Sciences Po Paris).

"The Populist Rebellion of the Young," by Dr. Albena Azmanova (Professor of Political and Social Science at University of Kent).

"EP Elections in Austria: Between ‘So What’ and the New Normal," by Dr. Robert A. Huber(Professor of Methods at the University of Salzburg and Co-editor in Chief of Political Research Exchange).

"Beyond the Cordon Sanitaire: Normalization of Far-right and Racist Politics," by Dr. Ulrike M. Vieten (Assistant Professor in Sociology at Queen’s University Belfast).

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