Dr. Gabriel Cyrille Nguijoi


Dr. Gabriel Cyrille Nguijoi, a Cameroonian researcher, boasts a broad spectrum of research interests. His areas of focus encompass international relations, regional cooperation, security studies, intelligence, governance, socio-spatial dynamics, terrorism, and para-terrorism across Africa.

His Ph.D. studies centered on constructing intelligence cooperation to combat terrorism within the Lake Chad Basin Region. Since 2018, he has been actively involved as a researcher at the National Institute of Cartography (NIC), and starting in 2021, he has been instructing a course titled “Introduction to Security Studies” at the Cameroonian Institute of Diplomatic and Strategic Studies (ICEDIS).

Gabriel’s research endeavors find their niche within the overarching context of international and strategic relations. More precisely, he delves into the dynamics of (in)security, conflicts, risks, and socio-spatial challenges, both in Africa and abroad. His work’s primary objective is to unearth perspectives that bring to life the evolution of security situations in Africa, spotlighting the risks and players in local, national, transnational, regional, cross-border, and international spaces.

His approach is deeply interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary, intertwining political science, geopolitics, geostrategy, and political geography. This fusion allows him to dissect issues with a lens that accounts for the geographical facets of (in)security, as well as the stakeholders involved in shaping and overseeing contemporary security policies. Notably, his work has already yielded several scientific articles published in national and international journals.