ECPS Youth

ECPS Youth is intended to address the lack of academic interest in youth perspectives of populism studies. Many social scientists draw a connection between older voters and support for populism while overlooking young people’s sympathy for populist leaders and rhetoric. By gaining support among youth and young voters, populist politicians ensure their future relevance. ECPS Youth strives to provide young people with a platform where they can develop their academic skills while reflecting their ideas on populism

ECPS Youth utilizes a wide range of media to highlight different perspectives on a variety of issues relating to populism. Our work is contingent on members and contributors. 

ECPS Youth aims to recruit undergraduate and graduate students from around the world who: 

  • are pursuing academic careers;
  • want to establish themselves within academia early in their careers; 
  • are looking for a platform to concretize their knowledge of populism studies; and
  • are interested in growing their network with organizations and academics who work with issues related to populism

ECPS Youth works interactively with ECPS research programs through mutual contributions. ECPS Youth offers its members an opportunity to get involved in the academic work of ECPS programs and/or seek guidance or assistance from ECPS experts. 

ECPS Youth’s work includes writing, editing, research, communications, outreach, and project management based on the members’ skills and interests. Members’ time commitment will vary depending on their workload.