Our contemporary society is becoming increasingly interconnected, granting unprecedented access to international knowledge. This has also transformed academia, forcing scholars to become more competitive and innovative. This has resulted in academics having to be constantly updated with the most advanced methods and theories. Hence, one vital element of current times is an ongoing dialogue between one’s work and other inspiring thinkers’ insights.

The ECPS recognises the importance of a constant bilateral exchange of ideas and acts accordingly. This time, we have decided to help PhD candidates and early-stage post-docs to connect, exchange perspectives, and collaborate with other candidates for their professional work. We want to make young researchers an integral component in the mosaic of ideas currently explaining our world. 

Young researchers have to face a myriad of challenges and problems when doing their work. Suffering from mental health issues, lacking a professional network or being unaware of job and project opportunities are all concerns exacerbated by research work’s solitary nature. This is why belonging to a multidisciplinary network that is comprised of a wide variety of scholars from different fields is believed to be very beneficial to PhD candidates and early-stage post-docs. With this in mind, we want to empower PhD and post-doc candidates with an international researchers network. 

Early Career Researchers Network (ECRN) is a platform for PhD candidates and early-stage post-docs aiming to boost cooperation, knowledge-sharing, and socialisation amongst like-minded individuals.

What do you gain from becoming an ECRN member?

Becoming an ECRN member gives you immediate access to inspirational discussions with other scholars from diverse disciplines. Moreover, you have the chance to propose events aligned with your interests and help in their design, elaboration, and execution. Further, ECRN members enjoy attending seminars, workshops and conferences that increase their knowledge of multidisciplinary methodologies and new theoretical trends and provide them with career advisory focused on the public and private sectors. 

In addition to the aforementioned benefits, this network for PhD candidates and early-stage post-docs is used to share job opportunities and potential collaborations with the media, specialised magazines, and other research institutes. It also serves as a reminder for upcoming events, calls for papers in academic journals, and deadlines for job applications!

Do you want to contribute to ECRN? If so, do not hesitate to contact us through our email at if you want more information about the next steps in becoming a member of this network.