Dr. Heidi Hart

Nonresident Senior Research Fellow

Dr. Heidi Hart is an arts researcher and practitioner based in Utah, US and Scandinavia. She holds an M.F.A. from Sarah Lawrence College and a Ph.D. in German Studies from Duke University. She is a Pushcart Prize-winning poet who has also received an ACLS-Mellon Fellowship and local funding for a 2019 conference on the Anthropocene. She completed a postdoc at Utah State University and is a regular guest instructor at Linnaeus University in Sweden.   

Dr. Hart has a dual research focus, on political music during and after the Nazi period, and on sound in environmental media today. Her publications include two recent monographs, Hanns Eisler’s Art Songs and Music and the Environment in Dystopian Narrative. She also does curatorial work and coordinates the Ecopoetic Salon, an international platform for artists and researchers in the environmental humanities. She is currently working with the 68 Art Institute in Copenhagen to develop a project on climate grief and new imaginaries for the future.

Latest by Dr. Heidi Hart


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