Imane Bendra

Nonresident Research Associate

Imane Bendra is a Ph.D. candidate at the Social Sciences Faculty at the University of Antwerp, Belgium. Her interests unite strands of research on policies and media discourses on migration, the multifaceted nature of borders, bordering practices, and the diffusion of EU migration policy practices beyond its territory. Her Ph.D. research focuses on transnational Senegalese migrants and street traders in Morocco and Senegal. She has conducted extensive fieldwork where she relies on multi-sited ethnography, life history interviews, and interviews with local NGOs to investigate the impact of the external dimension of EU migration policy on Senegalese trader activity and mobility between Morocco and Senegal.

Before starting her Ph.D., she completed a Master’s degree in African and international development at the University of Edinburgh. She investigated the effect of the migration policy adopted by Morocco in 2013 on the living conditions of migrants from West African countries. She also holds a Master’s from Webster University, London, in international relations.

Bendra worked with local organizations in Morocco that specialize in assisting migrants and refugees in the eastern and northern regions of the country. She is also Morocco’s program advisor, in Xchange perspectives, a German organization specializing in media for peace. Her latest project,, consisted of co-developing a website that aims to provide accurate and up-to-date information on COVID-19, government decisions, and NGOs to migrants and refugees in North African countries, notably Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria.

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