Dr. Mustafa Demir

Director - Nonresident Research Fellow

Mustafa Demir holds a Ph.D. in Political Science and International Relations from Keele University (UK) and works as a freelance academic and research consultant. During his Ph.D. study, he worked as a session teacher and after completing his Ph.D., he taught Politics and International Relations at universities across the UK.

Dr. Demir’s research interests include democratization and foreign policy-making; geopolitics and energy security; authoritarianism and its variants; strategies employed by the authoritarian regimes to survive; authoritarian foreign policy; diaspora policies of authoritarian regimes; ethnic and religious minorities in authoritarian settings; the Middle East and regional policies towards minorities; Turkish politics and Turkish/Kurdish relations. Dr. Demir has most recently published a book on Turkey’s relations with the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and written a chapter on the geopolitics of energy in Turkey. He is currently working on two academic articles on authoritarian regimes’ strategies for dealing with political opponents. He also has other works in progress on authoritarian regimes and their foreign policymaking processes and the role and status of diasporas within authoritarian states.

Latest by Mustafa Demir


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Book Reviews

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